Texas Holdem Strategy: After the Flop

Texas Holdem strategy often focuses on pre flop actions, but what happens after the flop? Below are some articles that deal specifically with post flop poker strategy.

Flopping Top Pair

Playing top pair is really about your ability to recognize a safe board from dangerous one. Pre-flop, the game plan is usually simple: Limp in or raise with a strong hand. After the flop, and when you have top pair, don’t get excited just yet. Take the time to look at what’s out there first. Read the full poker article: Flopping Top Pair.

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Flopping Two Pair in No Limit Texas Holdem

Two pair is one of the trickiest hands to play in No Limit Texas Holdem. Amateurs tend to make one of two mistakes when it comes to two pair. They either highly overrate or highly underrate the value of their hand. The reason for this is that two pair in Texas No Limit Holdem is a hand that is both likely to be the best on the flop, and extremely vulnerable. Here are some examples to illustrate what this means. Read the full poker article: Flopping Two Pair in No Limit Texas Holdem.