Playing Multi-Table Poker

Playing in a table will earn you a lot of money, in relevance to this; it only means that if you play on a multi-table poker you'll be able to make more money than what you're already making. If you are earning on an average of 10 big blinds for every 200 hands that you play, you'll double it if you play on multi-table. That's where you'll be never more wrong in your life. If that was simple as that, then I believe many could have earned a lot from it that simply as well.

Applying basic logic - if you're focused on one play in specific time, if you play on multi-tables then you won't be able to focus on one, but you must focus on all the tables you are playing on, this means you'll get to play harder than before and definitely, it will be harder for you to win as your skills and ability will surely lessen.

As you may know, online version of this game requires fast thinking and throws of decisions which will require your mind to exert effort as this is a strenuous activity for it. Playing this in multi-table will certainly require you to push your mind to the limit to deliver decisions more quickly than you used to, and thus, this will surely result in confusions and possibly bad decision making.

While more tables are added to your menu of this game, and your attention is split into each of them, the possibility of losing your edge in playing will surely be increased. This comes down to the fact that you should only play what you can manage to play. Playing multi-tables while not being capable of doing so, will definitely make you end up in the gutter with all your money lost.

Aside from attention being split and bad decision making, playing in multi-tables will also hasten the depletion of your stamina which means you'll quickly get tired. Time is a valuable thing when playing this game as more time means more profit. So stick to number of tables which you can handle mentally and physically.

In playing this game, always be reminded that your profit is only as good as how good you are in the game. Hastening profits through multi-tables is not something you should do as it will only make you lose more. If you want to earn more, then you may try playing multi-table games but be sure that it is not more than what you can handle.