How to Play Open Face Chinese Poker

If you want to discover new things especially if it is about waging games, then this will definitely thrill you. Open Faced Chinese Pokers, a game derivation from Chinese pokers. If you have played the latter, then you must have already seen and know its fundamentals. In the Chinese variant of the game, a player is required to make three separate and different hands of which the two contains five cards while the other one contains three only. These separate hands are then classified in a rank of best, the next to the best and the last one is the worst. These hands are then compared to the opponent's hands and give points to the corresponding player with higher hand.

The standard Chinese version of the game requires the player to make the 13 cards hand in an instance. This is where it will slightly vary with OFCP.

In OFCP, the players are given the five cards first and are required immediately to rank them in order and place them at the table which is irreversible once dealt with. Once that is finish, the players will once again be given one card at a time which is faced down, until they complete their 13 cards. Afterwards, they'll be required to place the 13 cards on the table as they please to complete the three hands they need.

There are also various points that will contribute for you to declare a win. First is the basic awarding of points when you defeat the corresponding hand of your opponent. Example of this is: if you beat the opponent's middle hand with yours, you'll be given one point. Also, if you possibly swept and defeated all three hands, then you'll be awarded 3 bonus points. The other way to earn points is by 'royalty' points. This royalty points is given when you are able to play a certain hand listed for corresponding hands. It may be listed that you'll get 25 if you have a royal flush on your back hand, 15 points if it is straight flush, so on and so forth. If you achieve this, you'll be able to get the corresponding points and it will be doubled if it occurs in your middle hand. Also, be reminded that you must not commit fouls ( not arranging your hands based on ranking ) as this will not get you any points.

Playing OFCP will prove to be a fun experience just the same as the standard game. So if you are interested in playing it, just look it up and study a thing or two about it, and you'll be good to go.