Various Poker Hand Nicknames You Could Use

Waging games are popular nowadays. It can be seen not only from establishments for waging, but it is widely spread even on the internet. Fear not because some of this involves playing without actually having to pay and of course you won't be earning either. If you're in it for the fun, then these games will definitely be worth your time. Poker is one of the games that are renowned today even on social network websites. Interestingly, there are even poker hand nicknames developed to optimize your gaming experience and make it more fun.

If you're just a starter, you better learn first the rules and the hand ranking which include the Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Full house, and many more. This way, you'll appreciate the nicknames more. If you're familiar with the cards and the hand rankings, then here are some of the nicknames you may not know of.

When an ace is paired with another ace, players call it Alan Alda, American Airlines, Batteries, Bullets, Flying Nazis, Joe Louis, Needles, Pockets Rockets etc. On the occasion that an ace is paired with a king, you'll get the nicknames; Anna Kourniva; Big Slick; King Arthur; Mike Haven; Exxon Valdez; and many more. There are also other nicknames you could use and see when ace is partnered with Queen down to number two card.

If you have king in your hands, there are also many nicknames if it is paired with another card from the king itself down to number two cards: If There are two kings, the nicknames players used for it are; Ace Magnets; Cowboys; and King Kong. Marriage is the nickname however, if the king is partnered with a queen. The king and Jack Pair gets 'Kojak' and 'Jackoff or Bachelor's hand' as its nickname. A pair of king and ten is referred to as Katie and Big Al. While a King and nine has 'Canine' and 'Dog' as its nickname. There are many more, which you can search if you want to.

The hands with Queen, partnered with cards from the queen itself down to number two, is also referred to with many nicknames. This is also true to other cards with different partners. These nicknames are just a play in the words that describes the cards in a fun way. This way, you'll be able to enjoy this game more, and probably use these nicknames for strategies as well.