Ways to Blow Chips That you should Avoid

A proper mindset while playing poker will definitely give you an evident edge in the game. This is sometimes the edge of better players, as positive thinking may earn you a better decision. But, being overconfident and too positive may also ruin your game and make you lose. This is a fact and being overconfident results in many ways to blow your chips which you may not be aware of. There are some thoughts that will evidently give you a blow rather than helping you.

One of this thoughts is 'He's Probably Bluffing'. This thought often makes its way to your mind when you probably thought you're going to be beaten already. As players will be players and will always be eager to play, you'll definitely look for crevices and excuses for you not to fold, and what you'll find yourself thinking is that smallest, but existing possibility that he may be bluffing and you should go with more aggressive bet.

There could also be the point when you're playing where you'll probably though that 'You can't fold now'. This often happens to players who are going to an attack, which backfires and make the player on the defensive. You guts with better calls tells you to fold, but your ego to not back down, as you were the attacker at the first place and you don't want to look like a loser, you'll call and probably won't fold.

There's also the thought when you feel like you have to bet and tell yourself exactly that. This happens to those who want to portray their strength which will definitely get your better judgement.

There's also the mindset where you will think that a few bucks wasted will not make a difference so you'll probably go and waste few money at a time. Remember that a small amount of money wasted at a time is no different from a large amount of money wasted in an instant.

Also the most-breaking thought that will definitely put you in a bind is the thought to stay in a game even though you're losing too much already, because you want to make up for the loss money before leaving. This will probably lead you to losing more money.

These thoughts are definitely ways to blow your chips, which you won't want to happen. So always remember to be open-minded and keep the possibilities open. It is always better to leave and back down rather than lose more money.