What do you do when Playing against Bad Players?

In waging games like poker, you'll definitely come to the point where you'll be forced to fight bad players that will upset you. These bad players are often the source of protests and complaints which usually comes from new players of the game. These bad players are also referred to as 'The Fish' and are said to be a good source of income of you'll be able to deal with them. Also, as mentioned, playing against bad players will surely come in your career, so practically you won't be able to earn much from online poker if you don't know how to deal with them. But these fishes can definitely be read with some principles and fundamentals that you definitely must know of.

First of all, the bad players come in two different types: the other one is the aggressive type of fish and the other one is the passive type. Also, the aggressive is more profitable compared to the passive type. As can be seen from the way they are called, the two differs from their approach in playing. The aggressive type of fish will face you with bluffs when you portray strength or without any hand while if you face the passive ones, you just have to possess better hands than him.

Getting more into detail, the aggressive ones do things that don't really make sense. This type of bad players doesn't have any knowledge of hand reading or hand ranges which you can definitely spot on if you'll focus. These spots or crevices in their knowledge will be the key and the time for you to release a huge call upon the match.

The passive types of fish however can be identified with their frequent calls and dislike to folding. Also, it will be a very bad idea to bluff this type of players as it will definitely not help you and may even throw you off your game.

Staying calm and focused in a game is probably still the best way to counter any opponents you're facing. With these, you'll definitely be able to call proper judgements at the right time that will help you earn a lot. Bad players or not, the goal is still the same in this game, beating your opponents and winning.